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Pain from musculoskeletal injuries can affect every area of your life. Whether you’re experiencing pain due to an accidental injury or chronic condition, your Broomfield chiropractor can help. Through chiropractor care from Vitality Spine and Health, you can obtain pain relief and take steps toward natural healing. Here’s what you can expect from your chiropractor in Broomfield and our skilled chiropractic team.

Our Broomfield Chiropractor

Vitality Spine and Health is led by Dr. Nicholas Manteris, a highly skilled chiropractor serving residents in Broomfield and the surrounding communities. Dr. Manteris has ample experience in the chiropractic field, enabling him to personalize treatment plans to suit your unique healthcare needs. In addition to treating your pain and discomfort, we also treat the source of your pain to promote natural healing. This ‘whole person’ approach has been highly effective in giving our patients long term pain relief.

Services & Techniques

Chiropractic care offers a multi-faceted, natural, non-invasive means of treating musculoskeletal injuries and chronic conditions. At Vitality Spine and Health, we often combine chiropractic techniques with natural therapies to enable you to get the most from your treatment.

Spinal Adjustments

As many musculoskeletal injuries have their origin in the spine, spinal adjustments are often the cornerstone of our treatments. Adjustments alleviate muscle tension and take pressure off of joints that are compressing nerves and causing pain. This helps reduce pain and inflammation that are restricting your movements. 

Massage Therapy & Corrective Exercises

Massage therapy helps reduce swelling and muscle spasms so you can move more freely. Massage also increases blood flow to the areas that are afflicted to expedite your healing. We’ll teach you corrective exercises you can do at home to strengthen your muscles and joints and keep your body aligned as part of your treatment. A stronger, well-balanced system is less susceptible to injury.

Chiropractic Equipment

Depending on your injury or condition, our diversified treatments may include the use of neck traction, wobble chairs, drop tables, and other chiropractic equipment to help with your healing. Dr. Manteris is not only certified to treat traumatic injuries, but is also an activator advanced practitioner capable of treating complex spinal conditions.

Lifestyle Advice & Nutritional Counseling

Lifestyle advice and nutritional counseling are important aspects of chiropractic care as they promote healthy living habits that will keep you healthy long term. Our goal is for you to enjoy active, healthy, pain-free living well into your senior years. By adopting a healthy living lifestyle, you can improve your overall health and wellness and avoid painful injuries in the future.

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To learn more about chiropractic care and its healing benefits, contact Vitality Spine and Health in Broomfield at (720) 508-3982 today.

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